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  אייר 1, 5774 , 01/05/14

MK's Start Campaign to Block Transfer of David's Tomb

Knesset members from five parties announced, Thursday, the start of a campaign to block the transfer of King David's Tomb on Mount Zion to the Catholic Church, despite government denials that the move is under consideration. During a tour of the holy site, one of the lawmakers reported that Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yoseph told him he had been asked by the Prime Minister's Office to find a way to effect the transfer under Jewish law.

The Members of Knesset said they will move for legislation to designate the site as a holy site. Member of Knesset Yoni Chetboun, who initiated the tour, said, "For years the Vatican has been investing many resources to obtain properties in Jerusalem in order to blur the city's Jewish identity. We must stop the trend and enforce the Jerusalem Basic Law, which bans transfer of parts of the city to foreign sovereignty." He said other Knesset members will be brought to the site. A meeting on the subject will be held at the start of the next Knesset session in order to build a wide-based group against the transfer.

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