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  ניסן 10, 5774 , 10/04/14

House Passes Bill Against Terrorists as Ambassadors

The United States House of Representatives unanimously passed, Thursday, a bill which prevents terrorists from entering the United States as United Nations ambassadors. Last month, Iran nominated Hamid Aboutalebi - a member of the group that stormed the US Embassy in Tehran in 1979 and held 54 Americans hostage for 444 days - as its new ambassador to the UN.

Co-sponsor Peter Roskam (Republican-IL) responded to the vote by saying, “This appointment is a slap in the face to the United States and our allies, and yet comes as no surprise from the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. Accepting Mr. Aboutalebi’s nomination to this post would be a tacit endorsement of his past terrorist activity, which should disqualify him from entering the United States and the privileges of diplomatic immunity granted to foreign dignitaries. I’m pleased with the strong showing of bipartisan support for this legislation, which I urge the President to sign without delay.”

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