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  ניסן 9, 5774 , 09/04/14

Passover in WWII, Bosnia, & More Shown in Film Archive

Jewish soldiers fighting in World War II are depicted holding a Passover seder in Europe in Road to Liberty, The film from 1946 is one of several being promoted by the Government Press Office for the upcoming Passover holiday. The Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive has uploaded several Passover-themed videos on the internet. In addition to Road to Liberty they include:

Passover In Vienna from 1947, which shows a seder meal in a Jewish Displaced Persons Camp.

To Save One Life, a docudrama from 1952 showing two Jewish-Yemenite sisters who make aliyah to Israel. Their Passover ceremony is shown.

Seder De Pesach, a Passover film about a Sephardic family in Jerusalem in the 1980s .

A 1991 video entitled Operation Exodus Honors American Troops At A Special Seder In Israel. The film depicts new immigrants to Israel from Russia and Ethiopia shortly after the first Gulf War.

Our Way: Sarajevo, a documentary from 1993 showing Bosnian Jews celebrating Passover amid the civil war.

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