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  ניסן 4, 5774 , 04/04/14

US: Talks in the Hands of Israel and the PA

Secretary of State John Kerry of the United States responded to unilateral diplomatic moves by the Palestinian Authority and Israel's cancellation of a security-prisoner release by saying "There was progress made in narrowing some of the questions that have arisen as a result of the past few days, but there is still a gap and that gap will have to be closed and closed fairly soon." Speaking with reporters in Algeria, he added, "It is really their decision, and it has to be made. They understand what the choices are, they understand what the stakes are, and they understand, each of them, their own limits and dynamics."

Deputy Spokeswoman Marie Harf later told a State Department briefing, "I think the fact that the talks continue, that they’re intense, even if they’re contentious – we know these are contentious issues – that they continue, that they’re in depth, and that they are actually lasting so long, that both parties are still there talking, I think is a sign that we have continued to move the ball forward." She added, "I mean, the question really is, as you heard the Secretary say today, it’s their decision to make now."

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