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  אדר ב 26, 5774 , 28/03/14

Stop Anti-Hareidi Discrimination in Passover Funding

Doctor Yitzhak Kadman, who heads the Council for the Sake of the Children wrote to Education Minister Shai Piron, Thursday, demanding that discrimination against hareidi children not take place through a funding of Passover day camps, which is only being made available to secular public schools. Claiming that a large number of children in parallel hareidi schools come from needy families who are entitled to the activity, Dr. Kadman wrote, "We do not know on what basis and why the decision was made that creates the improper discrimination, which we doubt can be justified on any grounds whatsoever, and it's doubtful if it will stand up to legal, if not moral scrutiny."

Mayor Meir Rubinstein of the predominantly-hareidi city of Beitar Ilit, south of Jerusalem, who heads the Forum of Hareidi Local Authorities, sent a letter to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, demanding that he step in. Rubinstein wrote, "Even worse, this was not done by accident but deliberately."

There was no response from the Ministry of Education.

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