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  אדר ב 23, 5774 , 25/03/14

Hareidi Groups Protest New Conscription Law

Hundreds of Hareidim are marching on Jerusalem in protest of the new mandatory conscription law. The protestors are singing songs and waving banners in opposition to of the State of Israel and Zionism. 

The location of the demonstration, the corner of Shmuel Hanavi Street and Yechezkel Street in Jerusalem are heavily peopled, yet have not been closed off to motor vehicle traffic. This is not the first protest since the passing of the new law, but it is one with a happier angle to it: they also happen to be celebrating the release of conscientious objector and Yeshiva student, Yaakov Yisrael Paz.

Paz was arrested ten days ago after not having shown up to his draft date. 

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