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  אדר ב 23, 5774 , 25/03/14

'Uplifted' by Jail Time for Not Reporting to IDF

Ya'akov Yisrael Paz, a student at the Grodno yeshiva who went to jail for ten days for not reporting to an Israel Defense Forces induction center, said, Tuesday morning, that he was uplifted by the experience. Interviewed by IDF Radio ahead of a festive celebration of his release, he said, "It was uplifting to sit in jail. You know you are sitting in prison for the Holy One, blessed be He. Our patriarch Abraham merited sanctifying Heaven and now I get to sanctify Heaven."

Paz rejected the notion that he was just spouting slogans, "These are not slogans, this is real." He added that he did not suffere at the hands of his cellmates, saying, "The guys are really nice and respectful. They said, 'It's very nice that you stand on your principles, on your ideals.'"

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