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  אדר ב 23, 5774 , 25/03/14

Prisoner Release: Don't Prevent Wrong with Wrong

The Legal Forum for the Land of Israel commented, Tuesday, on the scheduled release of security prisoners to keep talks alive with the Palestinian Authority, stressing that a proposal to freeze construction in Judea and Samaria (Shomron) instead violates the civil rights of hundreds of thousands of Israelis. A statement by the group said, "One does not prevent wrongdoing with wrongdoing. A sovereign state negotiates without preconditions, without releasing murderers and without the violation of the rights of its citizens."

Executive Director Nachi Eyal added,  "Left-wing Knesset members have no moral right to decide that they freeze children who lack classrooms. It's hypocrisy and ugliness. Releasing Israeli [Arab-ed.] killers is a serious blow to the rule of law and equality before the law and it must be avoided at all costs but one does not prevent a wrong with another wrong."

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