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  אדר ב 21, 5774 , 23/03/14

Deputy J'm Mayor: Throw the Book at Rock Throwers

Deputy Mayor Dov Kalmanovich of Jerusalem called on police, Sunday, to catch rock throwers and charge them with attempted murder. Interviewed by Arutz Sheva, Kalmanovich - himself a victim of terror - said he felt what began as police fleeing from putting down Muslim disorders last week on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem's Old City continues in attacks on Jews on their way to the Temple's Western Wall. He explained, "There are serious acts committed by Arabs and they think that it is just a stone or something that will pass. Thank G-d there are no wounded now, but when there will be injured, who will mete out justice?"

Commenting on the upcoming release of security prisoners, linked to talks with the Palestinian Authority, Kalmanovich said the release should be linked to a reduction in terror incidents. He asked why the term "terrorist release" is linked to "peace" and not to "terror incidents". Noting protests by relatives of terror victims, he said Arabs are increasing terror and bewailed the silence on the subject.

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