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  אדר ב 21, 5774 , 23/03/14

Livni Meets with Martin Indyk to Discuss Damage Control

Report of a meeting between Tzipi Livni, Israel’s Justice Minister, and Martin Indyk, U.S. Peace Talk Emissary, was leaked by Galatz, Israel’s Army Radio. The meeting took place yesterday at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, in an attempt to discuss ways of preventing an implosion of the current round of negotiations and to strive towards an accord.  

Yesterday’s conference was held in response to Israel’s refusal to release further terrorist-prisoners as PA leader Abu Mazen has stated that upon the inmates’ release, he intends on dropping out of all peace talks and appealing to the International arena for unilateral recognition of a Palestinian State. Livni and Indyk set out to find a way of saving said negotiations, so that all parties involved can move forward towards potential lasting solutions.

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