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  אדר ב 19, 5774 , 21/03/14

Arab MK to Hamas Journal: Build Arab Galilee City

Member of Knesset Talab Abu Arar (Ra'am Ta'al-Mada-United Arab List) called, Friday, on the Supreme Monitoring Committee of the Arab community to declare 2014 as a "year of land and housing." Interviewed by the Hamas journal "Palestine", he said there is a danger of widespread confiscation of Arab land and the building of Jewish communities at their expense.

Abu Arar explained that the declaration of the land and housing year is intended to embarrass the government and apply pressure to that it will the housing shortage in the Arab sector and cancel the Prawer plan for the Negev, recognizing currently unrecognized Arab villages. He said it would produce international pressure on Israel to build an Arab city in the Galilee and new Arab villages as part of a program to give Arabs land.

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