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  אדר ב 18, 5774 , 20/03/14

Anti-Semitism Enters Criticism of Egyptian Media Critic

Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef, renowned for his attacks on the alleged unprofessionalism of the country's media, was slammed this week for plagiarism on the Twitter social media site after he admitted failing to credit analysis in his weekly column, according to Agence France Presse. Youssef blamed his workload for not making clear he had lifted large sections of his column from a piece published on US website Politico by Moscow-based journalist Ben Judah.

Judah tweeted an appeal to Egyptians to forgive the satirist for borrowing from his piece: "Why Russia No Longer Fears the West". On Thursday, Judah announced he was going offline as the reaction to the alleged plagiarism of his article took on an increasingly anti-Semitic tone, saying, "Dear Egyptians! I will be going off Twitter now for days until the Jew-hating rage subsides." His stance was echoed by some Egyptian Twitter users, such as student Amir Beshay, who wrote, "Even worse than (Youssef's) plagiarism is the hostile anti-Semitism shown by many."

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