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  אדר ב 17, 5774 , 19/03/14

"93% of Children in South Tel Aviv are Foreigners"

A report submitted to the Supreme Court states that 93% of children being served at Tipat Halav baby wellness clinics in South Tel Aviv are foreigners. The new report was written by the Tel Aviv Municipality Department of Public Health.

The report shows that as of January 2014, 11% of all infants and 9% of all children treated at Tipat Chalav centers throughout Tel Aviv are the children of migrant workers or illegal infiltrators. Data indicates that the majority of the foreign population is concentrated in the south of the city where 93% percent of the children treated at Tipat Chalav centers are born to foreign parents.

Most foreign children are from Eritrea, followed by those from Sudan, most of whom snuck over the border, according to government statistics. A smaller number are born to registered foreign workers from the Philippines. 

Tipat Chalav is translated as "a drop of milk" and began in 1921 when Henrietta Szold, the founder of Hadassah Hospital, established clinics to combat the high infant mortality. Today they issue routine vaccines and other childhood medical needs. 

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