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  אדר ב 17, 5774 , 19/03/14

70th Anniversary of Hungarian Jewish Holocaust Victims

A special conference and march will take place Wednesday afternoon to commemorate the 70th anniversary of destruction of the Hungarian Jewish community. The event is being sponsored by Yad Vashem, the world center for Holocaust research, education, documentation and commemoration located in Jerusalem. "The vast majority of the Hungarian Jewry was deported during the last year of the war following the German occupation of Hungary on March 19, 1944 and continuing until the end of the war in Europe," organizers of the memorial event stated. "The Jews of Hungary were deported under German command mostly by Hungarian police and officials. In addition, beginning in 1942, tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews died after being conscripted by the Hungarian military as forced laborers, and thousands of others were handed over to the Germans where they were murdered in the first major shooting action in 1941. Overall, some 568,000 Hungarian Jews were murdered during the Holocaust."

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