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  אדר ב 15, 5774 , 17/03/14

Ukraine Calls Up Reserves Following Crimean Vote

Following Sunday's referendum in the Crimean Peninsula, in which voters expressed a desire to be annexed to Russia, the Crimean Parliament applied to Russia, Monday, for annexation. It also announced the nationalization of all Ukrainian government assets and the breakup of all Ukrainian army units staationed in the peninsula.

Ukraine responded by calling up 40,000 reservists as a way of making clear that it does not agree to the steps, which were apparently taken under Russian sponsorship. Half of the reservists will be assigned to active duty and the other half to the national guard. Acting President Oleksandr Turchynov described the referendum as a farce and Russia's way of covering up its aggressiveness, adding that the referendum's results will never be recognized by Ukraine or any other nation.

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