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  אדר ב 15, 5774 , 17/03/14

Drastic Drop in Strike Losses in 2013

The economy lost 52,274 working days to strikes last year, compared to 462,960 in 2012 and 552,608, according to figures released on Monday by Attorney Shlomo Yitzhaki of the labor-relations branch of the Economics Ministry. While the number of strikes rose from 24 to 25, the number of workers involved went from 168,950 in 2012 to 21,730 in 2013. The number of strikes and participants was bigger in 2011. The same 2012-2013 trend was visible in partial strikes or sanctions.

Most of the strikes (72 percent) lasted a day. Strikes lasting two or three days accounted for 16 percent of the remainder, while strikes lasting more than three days made up 12 percent.

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