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  אדר ב 14, 5774 , 16/03/14

Ya'alon at Har Tzion Funeral: Few Become Living Legends

Meir Har Tzion, a military hero from the early days of the state of Israel and beyond, was laid to rest, Sunday afternoon in Havat Shoshana in the Jordan Valley.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon told those in attendance, "Few are the people who become a legend in their lifetime, their names on everybody's lips - from high school students to state leaders. Already at a young age and certainly years later, shaping generations of soldiers, laying the groundwork for the Israel Defense Forces as we know it today. Serving as a role model in their heroism, in their courage and their willingness to sacrifice their lives. Talented, creative and unique, to the point they are awarded a commission without crossing the threshold of the officers school. Such was Meir Har Tzion."

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