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  אדר ב 10, 5774 , 12/03/14

MK Yogev 'Almost' Voted Against Enlistment Law

The Jewish Home MK argued the law did not achieve an "equal burden," and remarked in passing that most of the Yesh Atid party MKs served in non-combat roles, in IDF units that involve music, sport and communications. "There's no burden here, and equality is fiction," he said.

"Despite the efforts of my friend (MK) Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Home), to pass the law in an agreed way, the bottom line is that it was passed in strong-armed legislation by 'Ein Atid (No Future),'" remarked the MK, making a play on Yair Lapid's party's name. Yogev was commander of an elite infantry reconnaissance unit.

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