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  אדר ב 10, 5774 , 12/03/14

Abu Tor Arab Indicted for Violent Mugging of Pregnant Woman

The Jerusalem District Court this morning (Wednesday) indicted Mohammad Hadiya, 18, of the Abu Tor neighborhood, for the aggravated robbery of a woman who was nine months pregnant.

According to the indictment, the woman had just left her porch to take out a bag of garbage.  As she turned to go back into the house, Hadiya jumped her, grabbed her by the neck, putting his fingers her mouth to keep her quiet, and then dragging her back into the house. The defendant then opened up a kitchen drawer, removing a small, sharp knife.  When the victim saw the knife, she managed to push him causing the knife to drop from his hands.  He then grabbed a fork from the drawer, raising it as he threatened to kill her if she didn't stay quiet. 

Afterwards, he demanded money from her, dragging her into the bedroom for her to retrieve it for him from her purse.  The woman gave him a 100 shekel bill, but that was not enough, and he demanded another NIS 300.  She located the additional money and handed it over, Before he left, he turned to her and said that if she called out or reported this, he "knew how to get back at her." As a result of the attack, the woman, nine months pregnant, suffered a bleeding nose, with scratches and swelling around the mouth and lips.

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