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  אדר ב 10, 5774 , 12/03/14

Forecast: Intermittent Rain from North to the Negev

Today's (Wednesday) weather forecast calls for intermittent rains from the north of the country to the Negev throughout the day, accompanied by high winds and thunderstorms. Snow has been falling on Mount Hermon, and flooding is feared in the lower regions. A drop in temperatures is making it colder than what is considered the seasonal norm. Tonight the rains will continue, as will the high winds and isolated thunderstorms. Snow is expected to continue to fall on Mt. Hermon, and the flood watch in the lower areas will continue, as well. Tomorrow, more of the same is expected throughout the day.

Friday indicates continued intermittent rains and the possibility of thunderstorms.  Rains are expected to subside towards evening.  Shabbat (Saturday) is expected to be partly cloudy with the possibility of occasional sprinkles and slightly warmer.

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