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  אדר ב 9, 5774 , 11/03/14

Jerusalem Light Rail Drivers Stage 'Sick Out' Strike

About 20 of the 60 of the Jerusalem Light Rail's drivers called in sick today in what was actually, according to information received by Arutz Sheva, an unofficial strike by the employees against management. 'CityPass' has denied the workers' claims.

Arutz Sheva was informed that drivers were participating in this 'sick out' (comparable to a police department's 'blue flu') in protest of working conditions, including very long hours, low compensation, and personal harrassment by traffic managers and other personnel. The drivers are also claiming that the sharp increase in accidents over the past months that have been attributed to the drivers is due to the heavy pressure they are under to work the long  hours, and which leave them more susceptible to error.

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