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  אדר ב 8, 5774 , 10/03/14

Ukranian MP: We May Need Nuclear Weapons

A member of the Ukrainian Parliament today (Monday) stated that he thought the Ukraine may need to arm itself with nuclear weapons, should the United States and other world powers fail to enforce a security agreement that obligates them to reverse the Moscow-backed  taking over of Crimea, according to statements he made to USA Today.

MP Pavlo Rizanenko stated  that the US, Great Britain and Russia had conjointly entered a pact “to assure the Ukraine’s territorial integrity” in return for the Ukraine consenting to give up the nuclear arsenal it had inherited from the Soviet Union following declaring its independence in 1991.

“We gave up our nuclear weapons due to this agreement,” said Rizanenko, a member of the Udar Party which is headed by Vitali Klitschko, who is presently a candidate for the presidency.  “There is now strong sentiment in the Ukraine that this was big mistake,” he added.

His statements were came as a result of Russia raising the possibility of sending in troops beyond the Crimean peninsula and into the eastern Ukraine.

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