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  אדר ב 8, 5774 , 10/03/14

'Alternative Gathering' to Knesset Debate/Vote on Bills

Members of opposition parties in the Knesset started an alternative gathering, Monday morning in the Knesset's Negev Hall, to the scheduled plenum debate on three controversial bills, after rejecting a proposal the prevent the boycott of the Knesset session which they announced on Sunday. The opposition is protesting enforced coalition discipline to vote the party line, as well as time limits on the debate.

Member of Knesset Dov Hanin (Hadash) opened the alternative gathering by saying, "We are fighting for democracy here. When the combine took over the plenum through bullying, trying to cover up the lack of a Knesset majority, we decided not to participate in this show and hold a parallel democratic plenum." He continued, "The thuggish alliance of Lieberman, Bennett and Liberman not only trampled general debate in the Knesset , but did it to promote mechanisms that trample minority groups in Israeli society."

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