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  אדר ב 7, 5774 , 09/03/14

Bennett: Let the People Decide

The ninth anniversary of the passing of the legislation to implement the Disengagement warranted a special Facebook status from Jewish Home faction chairman, MK Naftali Bennett. 

"Nine years ago today the Knesset voted to approve the Disengagement Plan," Bennett, adding,"We left Gaza, destroyed communities, and evacuated our soldiers. In return, we got Hamas, missiles from the homes we evacuated, and terror tunnels." "The Disengagement Plan was adopted despite the numbers of the polls conducted by Sharon, and in betrayal of the Likud electorate (as several Likud MK's and Ministers supported the Plan), and the citizenry in general, who voted the opposite way," he continued. 

“No more 'Mitsubishi agreements,'” Bennett proclaimed on his Facebook page (referring to the Oslo Accords, which were made possible by the promise of a political position involving a Mitsubishi official car to a corrupt MK in exchange for his support).

"No more endangering the security of the entire country in order to get  15 minutes of applause from the rest of the world. Let the people decide," Bennett concluded.

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