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  אדר ב 3, 5774 , 05/03/14

MK Praises Anti-Draft Rally, Blasts "Re-Education"

Member of Knesset Yakov Asher (United Torah Judaism) praised Sunday's rally against criminal sanctions for yeshiva students that choose not to register for the draft. "Where else have you seen such a huge crowd gathered in the city street in an orderly fashion, dignified, standing, praying and crying out," he asked. "These masses did not come because of an economic protest, or the price of cottage cheese," he added.

MK Asher said that drafting yeshiva students who did not want to serve was unnecessary. He decried what he described as an attempt to "re-educate" the hareidi population through imposing core curriculum requirements in schools and criminal sanctions for conscientious objectors. He made the statements Wednesday at a Knesset session dealing with the Shaked Committee and Sunday's rally.

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