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  אדר ב 2, 5774 , 04/03/14

Equal Burden of Service C'tee's Last Day of Discussions

The Shaked Committee on equal burden of national service is scheduled to hold its last day of discussions, Tuesday, ahead of next week's Knesset vote on legislation to replace the Tal Law regarding military and civilian service by the hareidi community. Under targets for 2017, about 2,000 of the 5,200 hareidim eligible for the military draft will serve in the civilian sector.

The Tal Law was struck down by the Supreme Court for favoring the hareidi sector. Out of concern that the pending legislation will also be struck down by the court, the option of civilian service is being treated as temporary legislation which will only be in effect until 2020. There are those who believe that Israeli Arabs should do some form of national service.

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