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  אדר ב 1, 5774 , 03/03/14

Dani Dayan: Reject Unwelcome US Intimidation Tactics

Chief Foreign Envoy Dani Dayan of the YESHA Council of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria reacted, Monday, to United States President Barack Obama's interview with Bloomberg's Jeffrey Goldberg by saying Obama "showed his gross misunderstanding of the reality in our region, similar to that displayed by his administration elsewhere," a reference to U.S. policy in other parts of the Middle East. Reflecting on possible armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine, he explained, "These days, perhaps more than ever before, it is clear that defensible borders are vital, while international guarantees are worthless. Israel cannot and should not surrender the strategic hills overlooking Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion Airport to a hostile state."

Dayan continued, "It is incredible that as we bear witness to  massacres and invasions across the globe, President Obama reserved the term "aggressive" to describe the construction of houses for young Israeli families in the Jewish homeland." He concluded his message to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu by saying, "The YESHA Council together with the vast majority of Israelis - that elected Netanyahu - call on our Prime Minister to stand firm and reject the unwelcome intimidation tactics being employed by the  U.S. Administration.“

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