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  אדר 28, 5774 , 28/02/14

Saturday Night Conference on Shemita

The Komemiyut movement has scheduled an evening seminar on the Shemita agricultural year, Saturday evening at Bar-Ilan University, in conjunction with the university, Machon Torah Vaaretz (Torah and Land Institute) and Machon Torah Vehalacha (Torah and Jewish Law Institute). Aspects of the Shemita year will take effect ahead of the Jewish year 5775, which starts in the fall.

The gathering is an advance event of the Ramle Conference, which starts every year at the end of the Passover holiday. Organizaer Ariel Ben David told Arutz Sheva that Shemita is part of the Ramle Conference's theme of Economy in a Jewish state. The evening will look at values and the State of Israel as it is today, and implementation of Shemita laws in the realms of business, society and education.

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