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  אדר 23, 5774 , 23/02/14

Livni: Does the Right Serve the Public or the Yesha Council?

This morning (Sunday) MInister of Justice Tzipi Livni attacked a letter that sent last Thursday by several MK's and Deputy Ministers of the nationalist parties, and which stated that another construction freeze would be intolerable and would not pass unnoticed or unnoted.

"This morning I read the announcement that the MK's and Deputy Ministers put out which rejects the political process that is taking place, and is for the continued funding of construction in the outlying settlements," Livni wrote on her Facebook page this morning.

"The announcement was paid for by the Yesha Council (Yesha - acronym for Yehuda and Shomron, or Judea and Samaria), and which would come at a political, security and economic price for which we all will pay," she contended.

"They must decide whether they serve the public, or they are servants of the Yesha Council," she ended.

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