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  אדר 20, 5774 , 20/02/14

Bill: Bereaved Families to Get Paid Yahrzeit Day Off

A bill has been proposed to provide the immediate family members of bereaved families to receive the annual yahrzeit (date that commemorates the death) of their fallen as a paid vacation day from their place(s) of employ, according to a report in this morning's (Thursday) Ma'ariv newspaper. The initiative was put forth by the organization, "Yad L'Banim, which deals with the families of those soldiers who have fallen in battle.

At the behest of the bereaved families, Yad L'Banim Chairman Eli Ben-Shem turned to MK Reuven Rivlin (Likud) volunteered to bring the issue to the Labor and Welfare Committee. According to an agreement reached between Rivlin and the Ministries of Finance and Economy, respectively, immediate family members of the fallen soldier will receive the annual memorial day as a paid off from work.

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