News Briefs

  2/19/2014, Adar 19, 5774

40 MK's to Ya'alon: Re-examine Employment of Hareidi-Hating Officer

40 Members of the Knesset from every political faction have submitted a letter to Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon asking him to reconsider the continued employment of IDF Lt.-Co. Nurit Lamay, who berated a cell phone sales agent in November for being hareidi, and proceeded to attack the entire haredi population.

In the course of a call to buy a SIM card for her phone, which was recorded, Lamay asked the sales representative: "One second, tell me, are you hareidi?" The sales representative answered in response: "What do you care if I am hareidi?" Lamay replied, "Because I hate hareidim. I want them all to die."

The letter, initiated by MK Eli Yishai (Shas) expressed shock over the incident. "An Israeli soldier, no matter his rank, should not wear the Israeli military uniform for a single additional day, after saying such hateful things. I call on the defense establishment to take action to prevent such incidents from being repeated."