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  אדר 18, 5774 , 18/02/14

Public Outcry: Please Increase the Security in East Jerusalem

The chairman of the 'Movement for Jerusalem and Its Residents" has warned that the result of the lack of police efficacy on Mt. Olives is spreading all over East Jerusalem.

The recent stabbing attack of a young hareidi man near the Shechem Gate (Damascus Gate) motivated Haim Miller, chairman of the "Movement for Jerusalem and Its Residents" to send a letter with a strong message to MK's, Ministers and security officials. In this letter, Miller speaks of the failure of police to cope with the matter.

"The lack of police protection on Mt. Olives is such that one can't even open one' mouth and whistle," the Miller wrote, adding, "I am sending this letter after yet another stabbing attack has taken place in East Jerusalem, where a young man was stabbed at the Damascas Gate.  Please increase the security in East Jerusalem."

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