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  אדר 16, 5774 , 16/02/14

Two Indictments Filed for Avenging of Incident at Kusra

The Central District's prosecutor's office filed this morning (Sunday) in the Kfar Saba Magistrate's Court two indictments against three defendants for conspiracy to commit a criminal act as a hate crime, and one on the charge of obstruction of justice.

Per the indictment, the accused had set out to take revenge for the violent events that took place at the village of Kusra about a month ago, where Jews were caught, beaten and held in the village. One of the accused is said to have had a motorcycle chain in his possession, and from there the three defendants took off together from Karnei Shomron to neighboring villages. The  men are accused of having heavily damaged two vehicles in the village of Funduk and the neighboring village of Lakef, respectively. One of the incidents was taped and passed on from phone to phone, from friend to friend.

When police arrived to perform a search, one of the accused fled into the facilities in order to delete the video evidence from his mobile phone in an attempt to obstruct justice.

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