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  אדר 13, 5774 , 13/02/14

Even Palestinian Authority Stats Show Shultz Wrong

It now turns out that even Arab statistics indicate that the head of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz was uttering false statistics when discussing water use in the Palestinian Authority (PA). Maariv revealed Thursday that in a report dated 2011, the PA Water Authority says that every PA resident receives 37.6 cubic meters of water per year on average – or roughly 103 liters per day.

This number is about six times greater than the purported statistic regarding PA water usage given by Schulz. An average Israeli uses 66.8 cubic meters of water annually, or 183 liters per day, according to a 2012 report by the Israeli Water Authority. If Israeli statistic about Israelis are accepted as true along with PA statistics about PA residents, an average PA resident receives about 55% of the water that an average Israeli receives.

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