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  אדר 12, 5774 , 12/02/14

Temple Mount Model Displayed at Tourism Fair

A scale model of the Holy Temple was among the items displayed at the Temple Institute's section at the annual tourism fair in Tel Aviv. Thousands have been attending the 20th annual IMTM - International Mediterranean Tourism Market at the Tel Aviv convention center which lasted Tuesday and Wednesday. Sample items that the Temple Institute has been developing were displayed such as a Biblical style harp created by Harrari Harps, and photographs of larger items such as the Kohein Gadol's sacred vestments. Photos of the giant golden menorah were displayed as well, which now stands outside the Temple Institute's main visitor center in the Old City of Jerusalem.

David Shwartz, a representative of the Institute told Arutz Sheva news, "this is not political, it's something for all people of Israel." He added that, as the Prophet Isaiah stated, the Holy Temple "shall be a house of prayer for all nations." He hoped that the structure would one day attract people from around the world just like the other tourist destinations displayed at the fair.

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