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  אדר 12, 5774 , 12/02/14

Rahat: 25 Children Left in Car, Driver and Kindergarten Teacher Disappear

Police officers of the Rahat station, in the South, became aware this morning (Wednesday) of a vehicle proceeding in a dangerous manner. Upon signalling the driver to pull over, the suspect stopped the vehicle on the spot, and proceeced to flee.

Police approached the vehicle, which only legally permits eight passengers, and were surprised to find 25 children inside, none of which who were fitted with seatbelts or other security devices. Welfare authorities were called in to collect the children, and the police initiated a search of the area to locate the vehicle's owner. 

When police arrived at the kindergarten the children were enrolled in, they found it closed.  The kindergarten teacher had locked up the yard and fled.  Police are investigating into the matter.

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