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  אדר 11, 5774 , 11/02/14

Manufacturers Association: Regulation is Chasing Us Abroad

“The government complicates matters all around – with the emphasis on import, we have become the world’s dumpster,” stated Chairman of the Manufacturer’s Association, Amir Hayek.

 “30% of manufacturers have had to open production lines abroad,” Hayek told the Committee for Labor, Welfare and Health in a meeting that was convened to discuss  incentives for buying “blue and white” to be used as a way to promote business.

“There is a need for regulation, to ensure that there are not new guidelines presented every other day, and so that manufacturers  can calculate their costs,” he continued.

Committee Deputy Chairman MK Micky Rosenthal (Labor), commented, “But manufacturers must also look after putting out their own fires. The question is, how do we weigh in the public’s needs against the manufacturer’s?  How do we provide incentive to “buy blue and white”?  The public doesn’t want to pay high prices.  The question is, how much support does manufacturing get in other developed countries?  The investment center has erroneous policies – and only help a small amount of business.  The tax benefits are only enjoyed by about four companies.”

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