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  אדר 10, 5774 , 10/02/14

FIBA Announces Israel to Host 2015 3X3 Championship Games

The International Basketball Federation, more commonly referred to as FIBA, announced today (Monday) that Israel would be the host country for the 3X3 Youth World Championship games in early June 2015. 3X3 basketball, is a formalized version of the three-on-three game that came out of the urban basketball 'sub-culture' of the playgrounds and parks.

"We are very pleased to hold the 3x3 FIBA World Championship in Israel," said the Secretary-General of FIBA and the International Olympic Committee (IOC ), Patrick Baumann. "The success of Israeli basketball known, but what is less known is that Israel was a pioneer in 3x3 ".

Israel Basketball Association President, Dan Halutz, said that "this event will have a positive impact on the development of 3x3 basketball and basketball in general in Israel., We are going to maximize the opportunity we have to host young athletes from all over the world and show them a little about our beautiful country."

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