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  אדר 10, 5774 , 10/02/14

Brooklyn Orthodox Make Urgent Call for Increased Police Protection

Hareidi community officials in Brooklyn, New York, have asked local authorities to step up security in their neighborhoods, as a result of the increase of incidents involving violence.

"It is unthinkable that young avreichim (young, married Torah students) should be knocked unconscious in the middle of the street and there is no police presence to prevent this," they stated. They were referring to the recent event of this past Friday night which took place in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, where a young man was attacked while walking home.

A police patrol car which was not far away from the scene of the attack, though responding to the call, refused to perform a building-by-building search, claiming the victim would not be able to make a positive identification of anyone.  They then passed the case on to precinct detectives.

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