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  אדר 9, 5774 , 09/02/14

Water Authority: Unprecedented Drought, But Outlook Not Dire

The Water Authority stated that although we are presently under uncommon climatic conditions, the State of Israel is not drying up, due to the government's advanced planning. They emphasized that we are going through an unprecedented period of drought and that since the storms of mid-December, we have seen no rainfall. The drought is most felt where the major sources of water are natural, such as near the drainage basin near Lake Kinneret and the Western Galilee mountain basin. However, they also recounted that 2013's rainy season ended in January, with no additional precipitation.

There is a hope that conditions will improve within the next two months when an official announcement will be released regarding the level of drought conditions. 

However, the Water Authority was quick to reassure the public, pointing out that "Thanks to the tremendous efforts and the intense investments by the State in the water sector in recent years, Israel's water supply is not solely dependent upon natural rainfall, Integrative management of natural water resources combined with seawater desalination facilities and reclamation plants (the State of Israel is in first place for the recycling of gray water) allows us provide water to all consumers, including that for agricultural purposes, which has helped to reduce or eliminate loss of the growing season."

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