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  אדר 6, 5774 , 06/02/14

Who Will Want to Work if They Can Be Fired at Drop of a Hat?

Rabbi Eliyahu Schlesinger, rabbi of Gilo and one of the halakhic (Jewish Law) advisors to the Jerusalem Rabbinate, pointed out several flaws inherent in the new kashrut-related (Jewish dietary) laws the government is trying to impose on the country and the Rabbinate. "I don't like revolutions," the Rabbi said, "I like improvements and adjustments."

He said that the new policy, which allows for the firing of a mashgiah (kosher supervisor) at any time will lessen credibility over kashrut in general. "One of the things I am referring to is that a business owner can not like what the kashrut supervisor is saying, so he then can just pick up the phone to the manpower division and ask that this mashgiah be fired and another one sent. So what mashgiah is going to be able to do his job fairly and honestly if he knows he will be fired for it? As it stands today, a kosher supervisor cannot be fired without the consent of the city's council."

Rabbi Schlesinger warned that the plan to establish three levels of kashrut will not bring the results they are looking for. "In Jerusalem there are already three levels of kashrut.  In some of the other cities, there is no great demand for mehadrin (most stringent level of kashrut), and so in those places, it would stay as it is."

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