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  אדר 6, 5774 , 06/02/14

Amidror: Rockets Didn't Reach Hezbollah? No Accident

Yaakov Amidror, who until recently served as national security advisor to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, said during an interview with the internet magazine Tablet that "part of the missiles systems Russia was transferring to Syria and were intended for Hezbollah forces, never reached their destination. This was no mishap - it is our policiy."

During the interview, Mr. Amidror said that in his estimation a Syria under Iranian influence was even more dangerous than a Syria being controlled by the Al Qaeda-linked terror groups. "Ultimately, on the one hand you have the combination of Iran, Hezbollah and Assad.  And on the other hand, you have organizations like Al Qaeda."

"Personally - and I mean this is completely my personal opinion - Hezbollah is supported by Iran, which is huge and extremely strong, and that makes it far more dangerous than Al Qaeda, which as extremist as it may be, is not backed by any one country, "Amidror stated.

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