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  אדר 4, 5774 , 04/02/14

Rabbis to Seminaries: Hold Back on 'Dare to Change' Program

An announcement was published today (Tuesday) telling the seminaries (orthodox high school and post high school study programs for hareidi girls) to take a wait and see stance regarding the new "Dare to Change" initiative being proposed by the Ministry of education. It was released today (Tuesday) by "The Beis Yaacov Seminaries Association", an organization authorized by the Hareidi Council of Torah Sages to deal with issues that come out of the Ministry.

The announcement read, "We have come to inform you that the Council of Torah Sages, in agreement with the management of The Beis Yaacov Seminaries, and will be working closely with the Ministry of Education to review all aspects of the "Dare to Change" program, and which facts will be brought before the Council for review."

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