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  שבט 28, 5774 , 29/01/14

Russian Sochi Olympics Whistleblower Fears for His Life

Russian businessmen, Valery Morozv, said he is a "marked man" after publicly alleging officials in the office of President Vladimir Putin extorted payoffs in exchange for Olympic construction contracts in Sochi. "You will be drowned in blood," Valery Morozov said he was told after fleeing Russia for the UK in the wake of the allegations of the rampant corruption surrounding the Olympics.

"The contract is out," Morozov told ABC News for a report to be broadcast tonight "Nightline". He says he believes the greatest chance of an attempt on his life will come after the Olympic Games end in late February.

Morozov first made his allegations in 2010, part of chorus of allegations predicting that the Sochi Olympics would be the most expensive and most corrupt ever. Boris Nemtsov, a former Russian deputy prime minister and Putin rival, said some of the more lucrative contracts have helped make Putin's friends even wealthier than they were before the Sochi project. "His friends became billionaires and Russian people get nothing except very deficit budget," said Nemtsov.

Yet, President Putin maintains there was no serious corruption problem. "We have not seen any big, large-scale instances of corruption in connection with the implementation of Sochi Olympics project," Putin told ABC News.

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