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  שבט 28, 5774 , 29/01/14

Kiev Riots and Anti-Semitism: Chabad Rabbi Moves Daughter's Wedding to Israel

After consulting with the Kiev police, and against a background of the present unrest and rising incidents of anti-Semitism, Chabad Emmisary Rabbi Jonathan Markowitz has decided to transplant his daughter's wedding from Kiev to Israel. Recent events seem to have precluded the police from being able to provide appropriate and sufficient security measures.

The large ceremony and celebration had been set up to take place in a few days in Kiev's main stadiu, and the festivites were to have included the participation of public and local officials, Knesset officials, and rabbis from both Israel and Russia.

According to the police, that although it is a minority of the populatin who participate in the violent and in anti-Semitic acts, they did not want to take a risk at this time.

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