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  שבט 28, 5774 , 29/01/14

Jewish Home in Samaria to Bennett: Stand Strong, and Hold Your Own

Dozens of delegates of the Jewish Home party in Samaria have offered their unwavering support to MK Naftali Bennett in the wake of his present conflict with PM Netanyahu, whose statements of the possibility of leaving Israelis under a Palestinian rule has resulted in a furor.

"We, the members of the Jewish Home forum of Samaria wish to shake the hand of our party's chairman, Minister of the Economy Naftali Bennett," they wrote. 

Of Netanyahu they asked, "Is the historic covenant that returned our people to Israel after thousands of years to be erased in a moment? Leadership is not determined by what takes place during the easier moments...we know the international community is exerting tremendous pressure upon you, but this does not justify surrender or retreat from the iron principles you say you believe in," the letter stated.

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