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  שבט 26, 5774 , 27/01/14

New Bill to Ban Victim's Details Revealed to Attacker

A bill is being proposed that would prohibit detail's of victims of sexual attacks from being revealed to the attacker.

The Ministerial Committee on Legislation approved an Amendment Act, submitted by Child Rights Committee Chairman MK Orly Levy-Abecassis (Likud Beytenu) and MK Shuli Muallem-Rafaeli (Jewish Home), which prevents revealing personal details of a victim of sexual assault to her assailant, who could request the information and then later be released and seek out the victim again.

MK Levy-Abecassis said that toll of pain and trauma in their lives as a result of an attack has left only about 20% of women who will report an incident, and more often than not the cases fall apart due to lack of evidence. The few who do complain have won their court cases, but at a very steep price. There is always the fear that he will get out, or that the victim will bump into him, be harrassed by him or stalked, or that retaliation will be sought.

Others fear that such a law would result in increased false accusations. In such cases, an accuser could theoretically make anonymous claims that the accused may be unable to defend. 

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