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  שבט 26, 5774 , 27/01/14

Ya'alon: Holocaust Memorial Day Chance for World to Say 'Never Again'

Defense Minister Moshe ('Boogie") Ya'alon spoke at a ceremony today (Monday) at the Holocaust Institute, marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

"International Holocaust Remembrance Day is an opportunity for the free, strong, moral countries in the global community, Israel being an integral one of them, for us to stand together against these difficult progression of events, and to say in a voice that is loud and clear, "Never Again!'", the Defense Minister stated.

"We must demand a cessasion to the continous incitement against Israel, and for it to be known we will not tolerate any doubletalk, attempts to boycott Israel, or seeking to sidestep her by way of outside international organizations. And to stop spreading lies where they represent themselves as being willing to sit at a negotiating table to find a way to peace, as Israel surely sought and still hope to accomplish with the countries in the region, and with our Palestinian neighbors," Ya'alon added.

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