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  שבט 25, 5774 , 26/01/14

Rabbinate Admonishes Public to be Wary in Kashrut of Alcohol

This evening (Sunday), the Chief Rabbinate of Israel issued a document containing the alcholic beverages that met the kashrut (kosher) standards under its auspices, and have been approved of for consumption.

The Rabbinate is promoting the extra care that needs to be taken, especially in light of the fact that there was a day when people did not feel they needed kosher supervision over alcoholic (whiskey, bourbon, etc) beverages.  However, there are great halakhic (Jewish law) issues at risk, including certain additives or processes that are not kosher, and up an including some of the ritual law regarding, as where only a Jew may handle products from grapes, which not only includes wines, but brandies, and the like, as well.

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