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      Archive: 1/26/2014

      News Brief

        1/26/2014, Shevat 25, 5774

      Ban Ki-Moon Recalls Auschwitz

      UN Secretary General wrote in honor of International Holocaust Day, "This year’s observance of the International Remembrance Day on January 27th - the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp - falls at a time when there are reminders all around us of the dangers of forgetting.  This year marks two decades since the genocide in Rwanda.  Conflicts in Syria, South Sudan and the Central African Republic have taken on dangerous communal dimensions.  Bigotry still courses through our societies and our politics.  The world can and must do more to eliminate the poison that led to the camps.

          "I visited Auschwitz-Birkenau last November," writes Ki-Moon. "A chill wind was blowing that day; the ground was rocky underfoot.  But I had an overcoat and sturdy shoes; my thoughts went to those who had had neither: the Jews and other prisoners who once populated the camp.  I thought of those captives standing naked for hours in icy weather, torn from their families and shorn of their hair as they were readied for the gas chambers.  I thought of those who were kept alive only to be worked to death.  Above all, I reflected on how unfathomable the Holocaust remains even today.  The cruelty was so profound; the scale so large; the Nazi worldview so warped and extreme; the killing so organized and of calculated nature."